Sometimes, what we want isn’t always what we get and sometimes, what we get isn’t always what we want. Yet in time, God will give us someone we need — someone who is best for us. Thank you, Gino and Kat, for letting us share in the joy of your special day.❤ Gino and Kat […]

We all know that when an unwed couple has a kid, they would often opt to have a civil wedding. Not Paolo and Joana. They chose to get married in a church because they chose to work on their life together — they chose to be faithful to each other. Like what Father said “Success […]

You are worth every second of the wait of my love, and you will always be my favorite blessing. Thank you for not giving up on me. The future is in God’s hands, the past is in God’s mercy.” When it comes to love, the only thing we do know is that whether you’ve won […]