We were very blessed to witness the love between Sid and Gen. We met with them a couple of times and it was clear as day that the love between them is at its purest. Kionghi, Sid and Gen! May your future be filled with double the happiness, laughter and love. Sidney and Geneva | […]

Before Jules was introduced to Derrick, she was promised that the guy she was getting acquainted to looked like Luis Manzano. Her reaction when they first met was “Luis Manzano ba yan?” Nevertheless, love blossomed as they started spending more time together. Now here they are, after years of dating, showing to the world that […]

It was such a joy to work with Ms. Ann and Sir Jeremy. The atmosphere was very relaxed and the team had fun. The best part was not about how effortless it was to shoot them (because it definitely was!) but that they have hearts of gold. I can’t stress enough how kind they are […]