Marnelle and Mark are polar opposites yet they have a dynamic like no other. Although they have their differences, their personalities complement one another. You see, you don’t choose who you fall in love with. Love just does what it sees fit — and Marnelle and Mark are a perfect fit. Cheers to the newly-weds, […]

May 30, 2020 was the day that Basile and Moe were supposed to tie the knot — their wedding sure took its own sweet time due to 2020’s mishaps. But boy, I kid you not, their wedding was as beautiful and heartwarming as can be despite the rollercoaster ride its been through. Congratulations and Best […]

Bryan and Glory were each other’s answered prayers. They both not only received what they asked for but were also blessed with so much more when they met each other. Here’s to a life of happiness and adventures, Sir Bryan and Ms Glory! May God bless your journey and ventures together!♥ Bryan + Glorylin | […]

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Ian and Karen have been together for nine years. In that time, they’ve made it through a lot. Multiple times were they in a long-distance relationship but time and distance didn’t matter as they proved to the universe that love is above all else. Despite being at the opposite ends of the globe, they never […]

“For 9 years, definitely, we shared a million of feelings, a thousand thoughts, a hundred memories and a roller coaster ride. I could never imagine that finally today, we get to share a moment of our love to those people we hold dear and finally seal it in God’s grace.” – Aziel I love this […]

chill adj. /tʃɪl/ : Easy going; relaxed Carlo and Mayte are the very definition of chill. They both have laid back personalities which was why they both clicked in the first place. They are so chill, in fact, that they wanted to do away with the usual drama that wedding videos come with. They both […]