Postponed weddings have been a recurring theme since early last year. It is never easy for everyone especially for the couples who will be married. In spite of all the delays, the rescheduling, of getting back and forth with all the guests and suppliers — one thing is irrefutable: God is always on time. As […]

Serendipity. Serendipity is the occurrence of events in a happy way. It has always been a recurring theme in most weddings and is what brought Jonas and Kriscel to the altar. Over the course of more than half of their lives, they have had a series of chance encounters that have led them to where […]

Anthony and Chelsea | Feature Film “Mr. DIY” Anthony is a guy who loves doing DIY projects. He loves building things with his own hands. This, I think, is what brought him and Chelsea together. He DIY-ed himself into her heart. As told by one of his best men, “he befriended Chelsea to the point […]