We were very blessed to witness the love between Sid and Gen. We met with them a couple of times and it was clear as day that the love between them is at its purest. Kionghi, Sid and Gen! May your future be filled with double the happiness, laughter and love. Sidney and Geneva | […]

Bryan and Glory are very lucky to have loving and supportive parents. Their parents have immeasurable love for both of them that they have set the perfect example for how family life should be — this is why they both have learned how to love unconditionally. May you both grow in love each and every […]

Planning a wedding but want it to be a “Just us” event? Don’t fret! In light of recent events, we are now offering an Intimate Wedding Package to meet the needs of soon-to-be married couples. Send us a message for inquiries. You may reach us through Facebook or send us an email at thewildonesvideography@gmail.com.:)

Serendipity. Serendipity is the occurrence of events in a happy way. It has always been a recurring theme in most weddings and is what brought Jonas and Kriscel to the altar. Over the course of more than half of their lives, they have had a series of chance encounters that have led them to where […]

Bryan and Glory were each other’s answered prayers. They both not only received what they asked for but were also blessed with so much more when they met each other. Here’s to a life of happiness and adventures, Sir Bryan and Ms Glory! May God bless your journey and ventures together!♥ Bryan + Glorylin | […]