Ian and Karen have been together for nine years. In that time, they’ve made it through a lot. Multiple times were they in a long-distance relationship but time and distance didn’t matter as they proved to the universe that love is above all else. Despite being at the opposite ends of the globe, they never […]

It was such a joy to work with Ms. Ann and Sir Jeremy. The atmosphere was very relaxed and the team had fun. The best part was not about how effortless it was to shoot them (because it definitely was!) but that they have hearts of gold. I can’t stress enough how kind they are […]

Anthony and Chelsea | Feature Film “Mr. DIY” Anthony is a guy who loves doing DIY projects. He loves building things with his own hands. This, I think, is what brought him and Chelsea together. He DIY-ed himself into her heart. As told by one of his best men, “he befriended Chelsea to the point […]

“For 9 years, definitely, we shared a million of feelings, a thousand thoughts, a hundred memories and a roller coaster ride. I could never imagine that finally today, we get to share a moment of our love to those people we hold dear and finally seal it in God’s grace.” – Aziel I love this […]