Postponed weddings have been a recurring theme since early last year. It is never easy for everyone especially for the couples who will be married. In spite of all the delays, the rescheduling, of getting back and forth with all the guests and suppliers — one thing is irrefutable: God is always on time. As […]

It is often in life’s simplest moments when we are hit with a realization so hard that is life-changing. Who would have thought that an innocent rollercoaster ride would be a light-bulb moment for Sherra? It was while they were being topsy turvied that she knew that it was Mark who she would be spending […]

Nothing beats the church wedding — this rings true for Edward and Alex. Despite having postponed their original wedding date amidst the pandemic and all the lockdowns, despite having already getting married civilly, despite being a day away from yet another community quarantine, they still pushed through with their church wedding. “Why?”, you ask. Because […]

Marnelle and Mark are polar opposites yet they have a dynamic like no other. Although they have their differences, their personalities complement one another. You see, you don’t choose who you fall in love with. Love just does what it sees fit — and Marnelle and Mark are a perfect fit. Cheers to the newly-weds, […]

Philip and Katrina’s wedding is a happy reminder that love will shine through despite a global crisis. Love truly knows no bounds. It does not matter that there are only a few people present; what matters is that they both love each other and that they would make the most of what circumstances have to […]

Parents often have difficulty in giving their children away. Oftentimes, it is bittersweet — there will be a hint of loneliness but it will always be accompanied by the happiness from seeing their children create a new chapter in their lives.Jed and Slegna’s parents may have felt the bittersweetness on their wedding day but they […]

May 30, 2020 was the day that Basile and Moe were supposed to tie the knot — their wedding sure took its own sweet time due to 2020’s mishaps. But boy, I kid you not, their wedding was as beautiful and heartwarming as can be despite the rollercoaster ride its been through. Congratulations and Best […]