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Ian and Karen have been together for nine years. In that time, they’ve made it through a lot. Multiple times were they in a long-distance relationship but time and distance didn’t matter as they proved to the universe that love is above all else. Despite being at the opposite ends of the globe, they never lost faith in each other because they lived by these words: “Ora et labora” — hardwork and prayers. They put in effort and they had God and that was all they needed to be together.

This day, their wedding, will now serve as the dawn of a new beginning. It is now time to turn the page and create a new story, if you will.

Congratulations, Ian and Karen! May you have the multitude of children you both desire.😀

Ian and Karen | A Wedding in Caleruega

Videography | The Wild Ones Videography

Photography | Dino Lara / MetroPhoto

Preps | Ricarte’s Hill Garden

Ceremony | Caleruega Church

Reception | Antonio’s Restaurant

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