“Mr. DIY”

Anthony and Chelsea | Feature Film

“Mr. DIY”

Anthony is a guy who loves doing DIY projects. He loves building things with his own hands. This, I think, is what brought him and Chelsea together. He DIY-ed himself into her heart. As told by one of his best men, “he befriended Chelsea to the point that Chelsea told him personal details that would guide him snatching Chelsea for the years to come”.

Smooth moves, Mr. Teng.

His perseverance proved to be fruitful though. Instead of putting things together, he managed to make his and her heart beat in unison.

May you and Chelsea be happy in building a home and your dreams together.

#afterTengyears #thewildonesvideography


Ceremony | San Sebastian Church
Preps/Reception | Rizal Park Hotel

Videography | www.thewildonesvideography.com

Photography | Shianne Gomez Photography

Coordinating Team | Events Republic

Event Host | Carolyn Batay


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