After Teng Years

The homily could not have been more apt for this wedding:

“It is loving the not perfect. It is a love that understands all, accepts all. It is a love that heals our infirmities, our hurts, our pains, our sufferings. But the greatest language of love is of giving one’s self.”

Chelsea and Anthony have been together for ten years — a decade which was not a walk in the park. In those years, they helped each other be a better person. They had many struggles and challenges in every aspect of their lives but they stood by each other without judgement.

In the end, it did not matter that they loved a person that was not perfect. What mattered was that that person could give the best gift of all: one’s self.



Anthony and Chelsea | A wedding in San Sebastian Church

Videography | The Wild Ones Videography

Photography | Shianne Gomez

Coordinating Team | Events Republic

Event Host | Carolyn Batay


Preparation/ Reception | Rizal Park Hotel

Ceremony | San Sebastian Church


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